MGT test study guide

We want to understand what operations managers do. 4. MM is such a costly part of an organization What MM People Do: Planning, Staffing, Leading & Controlling Goods vs.. Services: Manufacturers produce tangible product, services often intangible, Operations activities often very similar, Distinction not always clear, few pure services.
Productivity units Produced/lineups used, Measure of process improvement, represents output relative to Input, Only through productivity Increases can our standard of living improve. Multi-Factor Productivity: Output/Labor * Materials *Energy* Capital *Miscellaneous. Also known as total factor productivity, outputs & inputs often expressed in dollars, multiple resources units multi-factor productivity. Chapter 2: Global View Of Operations: Reduce costs, Improve supply chain, Provide better goods & services, understand markets, Learn to improve operations, Attract & retain global Allen.
Tangible 0 Intangible reasons. Mission & Strategy: M: Where the organization is going, Organizational purpose for being, Provides boundaries & focus. S: How the organization will get there, functional areas have strategies; strategies exploit opportunities & strengths, neutralize threats & avoid weaknesses. Strategies for Competitive Advantage: Differentiation: Better or at least different, Cost Leadership: Cheaper, Response: Rapid Reposes.

Competing in D: uniqueness can go beyond OTOH the physical characteristics & service attributes to encompass everything that impacts customers perception of value Competing In C: Provide the maximum values as perceived by customer, doesn’t Imply low quality. Competing on R: Flexibility: Matching market changes in design innovation & volumes, reliability is meeting schedules, timeliness is quickness in design, production & delivery. Business vs.. Operations Strategy: Strategy Development: Product Design Is a business Issue, have to design the product well In order to sell It make money off of It.

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