Milestone 1: Selecting MIS Topics and Creating a Template

As was mentioned in the Research Project: Milestones Guide and Resources the  scenario for your Research Project is to assume that you are in a  mid-level management position and have been assigned a significant  research role in your enterprise’s transformation through the use of  information technology. 
Working on this project places you at a virtual time in your future  where upper management has assigned you a task to investigate and  evaluate five various MIS solutions that, if implemented, could lead to  improving upon and enhancing the efficiency of the company’s various  business processes, leading to increased profitability.
Working on this Research Project paper will assist in expanding  and clarifying your understanding of Management Information Systems  (MISs) that are frequently utilized by managers at many levels in  various types of organizations. Working on this Research Project paper  will also enhance your professional growth through the process of  conducting research using primary reference sources and composing  scholarly data.
Milestone 1 requires you to select a title for your Research Project  paper, choose five MIS topics to conduct research on, and build a  five-page template following the university standards of APA Style  format. The template that you create in this Milestone will become a  working document for Milestones 2,3, and 4. For this Milestone, you will  submit only a five-page “bare-bones” template document in Module 3.
A rubric is used to evaluate this Milestone. The grade awarded for  Milestone 1 is based on the successful completion of the five-page  template containing the list of topics, providing a suitable name for  your Research Project paper, and the proper use of current APA Style  formatting in the document.
Remember, the document that you submit for this Milestone should consist only of  a Title Page, an Abstract page with no text data, a “Body of Text” page  that contains only the list of your five chosen MIS topics, a  Conclusion page with no text data, and a Reference List page with no text data.
Title Page: Page One of  your template is a properly formatted APA Style Title Page. The Title  Page contains a Page Header (Running head) that includes the words  “Running head:” followed by the title of your paper in all uppercase  letters and the page number. Include the title of your paper, the  student’s name, the institution’s name (ERAU spelled out), and the date  of submission centered in the body of the Title Page.
Abstract: On Page Two  of your template, center the word “Abstract” at the top of the page.  Other than the Page Header and the word “Abstract,” no other data should  be present on this page at this time. You will fill in the Abstract  data in the later modules.
Topic Selection: Page Three of your template should  contain only a bulleted list of the five topics that you selected from  the thirteen MIS-related topics provided below. In the later Milestones,  you will replace the list of your selected topics on Page Three as you  begin to compose data in the “Body of Text” section.

Digital Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Transaction Processing System (TPS)
Decision Support System (DSS)
Cloud Computing
Database Management System (DBMS)
Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
Electronic Records Management (ERM)
Mobile Infrastructure
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Transportation Management System (TMS)
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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Milestone 1: Selecting MIS Topics and Creating a Template
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Conclusion: Page Four is the Conclusion page of your  document in the template state. As you fill in your research findings  in the Body of Text, the page number will change. Center the word  “Conclusion” at the top of the page. No other data should be present on  this page at this time. You will fill in the conclusion data as you  finish composing the final draft of your document.
References: Lastly, but critical for a good grade,  the Reference List page will contain your references. Center the word  “References” at the top of the page. No other data should be present on  this page at this time. You will fill in the references data as you  compose your document.
Milestone 1 is due by the end of Module 3.
Research Project Discussion
Throughout the different stages of working on your Research Project  paper, use the Research Project Discussion to ask questions or share  information that may help your peers. This is mainly a peer-to-peer and  instructor-to-class forum. Side discussions are welcome but know that  all of the students in the course can review your posted data and  comments. Your instructor will check the posts to ensure that the  questions being asked are answered accurately or to clarify statements.

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