Miss professor need before 12 central time

#1 Summarize these slides in 3-4 paragraphs. 4 would be great. The slides are attached below.
#2 When finsished please reply to these 2 people in 1 paragraph 
This chapter was all about solid and liquid wastes. Two of the major challenges regarding these two include the disposal of solid wastes and the treatment and processing of liquid wastes. These liquid wastes include not only human waste but also, animal waste. I learned that there are 4 ways to manage waste. First is the source reduction method which is the best method. Then there’s recycling, the energy recovery, and finally, disposal which is the worst.

I remember when I was a kid my school used to always make sure we recycled everything that needed to be recycled and they would give us toys to motivate us to always recycle. Looking back at it I now realize how important it was for our teachers to teach us this because I still make sure to recycle till this day. I think its very important to start good habits young so they can stick better when you’re older.

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Miss professor need before 12 central time
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