Module Five: Active Reading Assignment

Please use attached homework worksheet.ENC1102
Module 5 Active Reading Exercise
 Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s “School of Hate” from The Best American
MagazineWriting 2013.
 Dexter Filkins’s “Atonement” from The Best American Magazine Writing 2013.
Answer the following question. Submit your completed document to the
appropriate submission drop box in the module folder.
1. Module 5 delves deeper into exploring the literary nonfiction element
of theme. Applying the criteria for evaluating and comparing nonfiction
prose, identify the theme for each essay. What information was most
helpful in identifying the themes? How are these themes similar?
In the reading “School of Hate” by Sabrina Rubin the theme is bullying. It
was incorporated in the controversial issue of homosexuality in the school. In
this case, the constant bullying the students endured resulted in suicide. The
staffs of Anoka-Hennepin school district are putting focusing on the topic of
homosexuality and how to respond to this issue, to the extent that they
disregard the issue of bullying, even as students confide in them about it.
During “No Homo Promo” came issues of harassment and angry parents at
the discriminatory policy. The same results came from the neutrality policy.
Erdely gives an account of a student talking about many faculty members
who chose to say and do nothing while a student experiencing harassment,
there was a teacher in near proximity of a student who was pushed to the
ground by three other students and was called “faggot” and the teacher did
nothing (266). The reading ends with the LGBT students were finally able to
have a safe zone where they can be comfortable.
In the reading “Atonement” by Dexter Filkins the theme is posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Filkins writes about one specific event that
occurred and caused people develop this disorder after the military. Lobello
was a Marine who served in Iraq during the time when the U.S was seeking
after Saddam as a result of 9/11. During his time in Iraq, Filkins writes about
the time when Lobello and other Marines were involved with firing at a
number of vehicles, killing and injuring numerous Iraqis. He writes about the
Kachadoorian family in the blue Mercedes who lost the men of their family
after the shooting of their car. This is the main topic of the essay and what
caused Lobello trauma and worry when he lives as a civilian. Filkins explains
that “the understanding was: if they drive down the street, that’s it- it
doesn’t matter, just f–ing shoot them” (290). In this understanding of his
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orders, he had to become another person to fulfill his commands. The PTSD
developed because he had to cope with what he did while in the military.
“From the moment he returned home from Iraq, Lobello found that he
couldn’t sleep, and he became more aggressive and erratic” (286).
Both essays are surrounded with controversial events and issues dealing with
morality and ethics. In “School of Hate” the controversial issue of bullying is
talked about and thus gives rise to the issue of knowing that it is never ok.
As decent humans, if we see it, we should interfere to stop it. In “Atonement”
a controversial issue is when and where they should draw the line of killing
civilians and killing subjects that are potentially harmful. The marines
acknowledged that they were given orders, and were also aware of the
innocent civilian lives they took in the midst of that order. Knowing the
effects this has on the military men, self-preservation should be considered.
We have to protect our military people the same way they are protecting our
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