museum analysis

Museum Analysis–Visit any one of the following museums and prepare a ten page, double-spaced typewritten analysis: How well do the exhibits at this museum reflect the legacy of life? Include in this report a checklist (i.e. table) of the number and kinds of paleontological exhibits, the amount of space, and what types of paleoecological habitats are represented. Document your trip with a paid admission receipt, and illustrate your report with five representative photos (not postcards or cut-outs).. Each photo should have a caption describing it. The table-checklist, photos, and bibliography are not to be included as part of the written text. This project is worth up to 10% of your final grade. Any of the museums may be visited. Permission to visit other museums that have significant fossil and natural history collections, may be granted in special circumstances if cleared first by the instructor.

Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History 
La Brea Tar Pits 
Raymond Alf Museum, Webb Schools
San Diego Museum of Natural History

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