My Favorite Superpower

The three most fun and useful super powers would be the ability to time-travel, the ability of flight, and the power of invisibility. There are many other super powers, like super strength and underwater breathing but the three powers that I mentioned allow you to do incredible things, especially when they are used together. Time travel would be fun for me especially because I am fascinated by history. Imagine having the ability to see what your block looked like, 100, 200, 300 or even 1,000,000 years ago.
Or imagine being able to see, in real life, famous events that you were always curious about, like the sinking of the Titanic, the building of the Empire State Building, or famous battles from the American Revolution. It would also be useful because it would help me become an amazing historian. I would observe events that other historians could only read about. The ability to fly would obviously be fun. Imagine being able to fly across a basketball court and dunk a basketball from 50 high! Imagine flying up to the balcony of your apartment instead of waiting for the elevator!
Plus, you could fly over the street and never have to wait for a green light. In these ways flying would allow you to save a lot of time. Invisibility would be fun, mostly for doing sneaky things like spying on people. It would also make you the best hide-and-seek player of all time. It would be useful because it would allow you to get into places that you couldn’t otherwise have access to. For example, you could invisibly sneak onto the field during a Yankee game or watch the game from inside the dugout. Nobody would even know that you were there.

Not only are these powers fun and useful on their own–they could also be used together for some really amazing experiences. Imagine having the ability to invisibly fly over a prehistoric gathering of dinosaurs. It would give you the perfect view of the action and you would be totally safe because none of the dinosaurs could see you. Unfortunately, I do not foresee ever having these abilities as I do not believe in genies and scientists are not even close to inventing the technology that is necessary to make these powers possible.

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My Favorite Superpower
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