My life after five years from now

I am an adolescent who have just completed high school and has started attending college. My academic progress is satisfactory and I am getting good grades. By nature I may be considered a shallow person who takes things rather lightly. I don’t go much deeper into any problem to really comprehend it. Although, I am gregarious and fun loving, basically I am an introvert and I keep my personal life sheltered as I don’t take people into confidence easily. I have a weak personality and lack self confidence. To camouflage this, I always try to be over friendly and talkative with my friends.
But deep down, I don’t trust my friends and never share my innermost thoughts with them. If things don’t work out according to my expectations, I become a recluse, and refuse to discuss it with anyone. My outlook is conservative and can not accept any open show of affection easily. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure has totally blinded my vision and obstructed my rational thinking capacity. Although I am well aware of my drawbacks, I am unable to change for the better. Currently my vision about life is blurred by my short sightedness and lack of wisdom and experience.
I would like to change these negative attributes and enhance my personality. The vision of my life five years from now is a complete transformation of my personality. I’ll accept my friends as they are and respect them as an individual. I’ll take some of my friends into confidence and share my problems and successes with them. I’ll always listen to their point of view before taking any difficult decision. I’ll shed my pessimistic and gloomy attitude and encounter any problem with a positive mind.

I’ll acknowledge my fear, will analyse it and make a conscious effort to eliminate it from my system, in a slow but determined way. This negative personality trait affected me greatly and prevented me from taking right kind of decisions at the right moment. I’ll overcome fear with double determination and become a person with an independent personality, who can take right kind of decision at the right moment, and can dream, believe and act towards realising his cherished goal.
Career-wise I have not thought of any particular profession which I would like to pursue within the course of next five years. While I’ll concentrate on my studies to ensure good grades, on spare times I would do odd jobs to earn some extra money.
Since travelling excites me a lot, I would take up part time job in travel agencies such as tourist guide or interpreter which will take me to exotic tourist places. While accompanying the tourists, I’ll visit beautiful islands, see exotic landscapes of steep mountains, and lush green vegetations. Sometimes I’ll lie down in solitude on a sandy beach, and gaze at the blue azure sky. Associating with nature will give me a clear perspective on life and what it holds. I’ll shed my superficial self and emerge a more genuine person who will appreciate anything from beauty of nature to the beauty of a girl from aesthetic sense. This will help me to get into a permanent relationship, which till now is eluding me.
I want to confidently go in the direction of my goal of transforming my personality within five years from now. Only time will tell how far I’ll be successful in changing my negative personality traits and become a person who is honest with himself and with others and have emotional strength, integrity of character, clarity of mind and confidence in others. If I fit the personality mentioned above within five years from now, my goal of personal transition will become a reality.

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