Native Americans Dbq Essay

Due: Social Studies; Native Americans Essay Thousands of years ago the Native Americans crossed the land-bridge. Then the Native Americans spit-up and settled and created the culture areas. Depending on the environments the Native Americans had different basic needs to survive such as clothing, food, and shelter. The Iroquois used their natural resources to get food. The men hunted animals such as deer, bears, ducks, turtles, turkey, and frogs.
The women did the hunting and the gathering; they grew crops such as corn, beans, squash, and pumpkins and they gathered wild berries, bird eggs, nuts, and sunflowers (information shown in document #3). The type of food depends on the environments. The way the Native Americans dressed depended on the climate and their resources. The eastern woodlands made their clothing was made out of deerskin, the southwest made out of woven cotton, and the artic made their clothing out of seal and caribou skin (as shown in document 3). Animal provided food and clothing for Native American people.
Different environments provide different materials for building and shelter. For example from documents 2 & 3 the southwest has very little rain and is hot so they make their shelter out of sun-dried bricks of mud. Other culture areas make their shelter out of materials depending on the climate and their surroundings. All people from each culture area adapted to their environments to survive. Native Americans grew crops corn, beans, and squash. Made their clothing out of skins and cloths, and made their shelter out of bark and blocks of ice and sun-dried mud. That’s how the Native Americans survived thousands of years ago.

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