NEED ASAP 1 – 2 hours

Criminal Enterprise paper
Organized Crime Groups (Eurasian, Balkan, Asian, African, Middle Eastern Enterprises) Paper
1. Define criminal enterprise.
2. Describe and discuss the characteristics of the 5 organized crime enterprises
1. This is a 4-5 page paper including the cover page and reference page.
2. This paper must be typed and double spaced, 12 font and Times New Roman. Be sure to use subtitles (bold).
3. This paper must include a cover and reference page.
4. This paper must be in APA format. Refer to for APA formatting guidelines.
5. This paper must be submitted in Word format on Blackboard.
6. This paper must have at least two references (textbook and a scholarly source. (Wikipedia, spark notes, cliff notes,, simple, about,, brain quotes, and are not acceptable).
7. This paper will be submitted through SafeAssign for originality and should not exceed 15%. Only one submission will be allowed.
8. References should bee within last 5 years.
9. Utilize subtitles (bold)

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