Need for Change

Orma Corporation has been in business since the late 1800’s, beginning with heating and air conditioning product lines. It then slowly expanded into other product lines over time, including Automation, Control Systems, Aerospace, and Transportation Systems, which are currently Orma’s main product segments. The products for aerospace segment produce products that support military defense systems, space exploration and commercial airplanes.
The Need for Change:
Believing in the Need for Change in business made Orma Corporation grow and expand as a company over time. Their solution was diversifying its product lines from heating and air conditioning products to its three main product segments that deal exclusively with technological changes. They realized that there was a need for industries operating in these sectors and, by using their strengths in some areas and gaining strength in others, Orma was able to expand into product segments that they had not operated in prior.

Every company benefits from recognizing the need for change in its operations, particularly regarding changes in technology to meet demand for technological advancement of its target market. Technology is always evolving through time, thus any company that does not keep up with technological changes will eventually lose its hold on its market. It is necessary, therefore, to change with the times. Accordingly, Orma Corporation’s segment of aerospace technology, for example, changes every few months to keep up with new technological advances in that particular industry through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
ERP As Orma Corporation’s Response to the Need for Change:
ERP is a multi-module, integrated computer system that helps in the management of the aerospace segment using a common approach to business process: information access, global allocation and resource utilization. It uses multiple software modules that provide various business functions to different areas of aerospace operations. Adapting the ERP system helps organize inventory of factory operation since it ensures unified communication between the factory and the overall enterprise.
What is the future of Orma if they do not implement ERP?:
ERP is essential to the success of Orma because without careful planning to ensure success in new business ventures the corporation will not be able to expand and break into new markets. Without ERP, Orma would be limited in what they could accomplish, and could not even keep up with the technology essential for competitiveness in today’s market. ERP responds to the goal of Orma Corporation to stay as a leader in this particular industry and maintain its hold on its current market, or even expand it by providing unified and systematic information, responding to clients needs; therefore, service is quicker and technologically driven.
It clearly makes sense for Orma Corporation to keep up with the changing times in terms of technological innovations to provide high quality service to its clients. Adapting this need for change particularly for its aerospace segment is a must to improve the level of competitiveness of Orma Corporation in that particular industry. It started with one product segment expanding into its current three product segments primarily due to its willingness to adapt changes in its operation over time. It is then logical for Orma Corporation to continue expanding and growing.

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Need for Change
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