Need to prepare a budget

For your completed file, you MUST include FIVE  items that you learned from the assignments readings for Weeks 1 and 2,  such as (1) advanced charts, (2) advanced graphics, (3) advanced  formulas, (4) advanced functions, (5)goal seek, (6) pivot tables (7) all  types of advanced formatting, etc. Be creative and innovative, and  include many items from Excel to visually represent your budget, both as  calculations for income and expenses, and for charts and graphics.
Here are some more items you can include for expenses:

Retirement  savings, 401K investments, parking, getting coffee, expenses for cars,  car maintenance, yearly registrations for vehicles, gym memberships,  clothes, shoes, student loans, interest on items such as mortgage  (principal and interest list separately if possible), credit cards  (principal and interest list separately if possible), TV/television  services such as NetFlix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime; taxes on property you  own; payment to accountant for doing your yearly taxes, babysitters. For  income, expenses you can include the taxes you pay, as there a

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