A company’s external environment affects its international operations. The text identifies three categories that a company must consider when implanting international strategies. They are physical factors (geography or demography), institutional factors (culture, politics, law, and economy), and competitive factors (number and strength of suppliers, customers, and rival firms). 
Watch this short video on External Environments and business:  What is an External Environment in Business? Definition, Types, & Factors
Then, using your knowledge from Chapter 1, write a 2 – 3 page essay that investigates a specific company’s external environment with regard to all three categories mentioned above. Be sure you provide the following in your essay:

A brief description of the company
Explanation of strategies implanted
How the company implemented the strategies
The failures and successes the company encountered

Be as specific as possible. Use all resources provided this week to support your assignment completion. Submit your essay in a  WORD document. Follow full APA compliance guidelines.

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