nutrition reflection paper

Your essay will need to include 8 paragraphs outlining 1. Introduction 2. Carbohydrates 3. Fats 4. Protein 
5. Micronutrient 6. Micronutrient 7. Micronutrient and 8. Conclusion
In your essay you will need to address your intake in terms of all three macronutrients (carbohydrates, 
fats, and proteins) as well as THREE micronutrients of your choosing. You will need to discuss if you are 
under, meeting or exceeding the needs of each of these six categories, as well as what this means in 
relation to your health and how your body functions.  Each of the six topics of discussion (3 
macronutrients and 3 micronutrients) will need to be addressed in your paper, thoroughly, and with 
detail. You will need to tie in information from our nutrition 100 course, your book, and you may (if 
needed/wanted) tie in information based on further research (PLEASE CITE THESE SOURCES). 
At the beginning of your essay you will need an introductory paragraph. This does not need to be super 
long, but please introduce your reader to your paper and how you found the information you are about 
to write about. How did you track your diet- was this easier or harder than expected? At the end of your 
essay you will need a paragraph (paragraph 8) to summarize and reflect on your nutritional status and 
what you have learned in this class. How has the knowledge of how your body uses food, how it 
functions, and what you are consuming impact the choices you make or will continue to make in the 
future regarding your nutrition?
For each macronutrient/micronutrient please discuss the following to receive full credit.
1.  Your average intake of that nutrient (both in grams or milligrams, and the percentage of your 
2.  Your RDA/AI for that nutrient (on the BarGraph report)
3.  The purpose/functions of this nutrient (why do we need this nutrient?)
4.  2-4 foods you ate that attributed to your overall intake of that nutrient
5.  3 foods (other than those you consumed) that are high in this nutrient
6.  If applicable what happens if we get too much or too little of this nutrient?
7.  If you are above/below your RDA and what modifications you would make to achieve an intake 
closer to the appropriate amount for your needs
** While your main paragraphs should cover the same basic information they should NOT be redundant. 
Please use your writing skills to create a paper that is thorough and interesting to read.
Formatting for your essay:
*Please make note of these formatting guidelines. If I notice that your margins are larger than 
what is listed below, or your font is larger (etc) I will change the formatting to what is below. If the 
length is changed in your paper you will be docked points. These formatting instructions are in place to 
make sure that you are reflecting enough to complete all points in your paper. If you go over the 4 pages 
that is okay- but please be mindful of your paper’s length. 
1.  3-4 pages in length (1000 words)
2.  12 point arial font
3.  1.5 spacing
4.  0.8-1.0 inch margins
5.  Include an introductory and summary paragraph.

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