On the Job Training

Public Area It is composed of the Hotel lobby Area, Front Desk Reception Area, Restaurants including comfort rooms and Function Rooms, elevators, offices, hallways, and the like. Before we start cleaning the area, I pray for a while and give thanks to the Lord for the safety and travel every day. Then, I go to the 2nd floor to replenish the chemicals and materials needed. After that, we started to clean all the comfort rooms in Milieus Restaurant, employee’s comfort rooms, the lobby restrooms and beside the pool’s shower room.
It took from 7 am to 9 am almost 2 hours of cleaning. Good for me that I’m not alone doing all of that. Sometimes I’m with Kayak Tony (our co- rained) from TESTED or Irvin and Koruna, my classmates. Next, sweep the hallways from third floor to first floor including the three exits, lobby and employees’ rooms. Dust all the furniture, windows, glass and each door of the rooms. It was physically hard and sweaty. But it was fun doing that work because all the room attendants were funny and making us smile though we look so haggard.
After that, we need to fold the linen and towels and place it inside the cabinet before the next task. Afterwards, we’re required to ask permission to our supervisor if we can now go with our respective room attendant trainer. Room Attendant Room Attendants receive a briefing on the days activities headed by the supervisor. They collect equipped cart and work report to work in their respective sections. They follow a logical order to avoid guests from being disturbed. Check out rooms are serviced first, followed by make-up rooms or with request for early service and request for late service.

Most of the work flow, regular cleaning is done if the guest has checked out so that the room can be occupied again. My trainer Kayak Eave taught me their standards in cleaning the room. Firstly, check room assignment sheet confirm room number, room status, note special requests). Secondly, knock door three times with knuckles not with keys. Wait for a moment and knock again if there’s no answer. If DON sign, return later to check or night lock is on report it to the Front Office or call the supervisor if there’s a problem.
I announce myself as housekeeping as I enter. Turn on lights, check for luggage, remove dirty items or loaned items, dispose garbage carefully, disinfect garbage cans and put trash bag, make beds (queen-size), clean the bathroom, dust and check of room features like radio clock, Indo seat, refrigerator, coffee/tea making facilities, and so on. Disinfect telephones and ice bucket. Look for items left by guests, check for furniture damage; if furniture is missing report it immediately and note to your assignment sheet.
Then check if everything is okay or in their proper places. Majority of the guests at the hotel were Japanese business travelers like companies so in the morning they’re not inside of their rooms. So it’s easier for me to clean up the room. In make-up room, we changed the linen every other day. Laundry Service Vive been in laundry for about one week and three days. My trainer was Mrs.. Liege, she’s working with the hotel almost 8 years. She taught me how to work slowly but surely.
She don’t need to finish her work so fast because she told me that it’s very delicate if you got wrong with the guest’s clothes. Therefore, one by one, we put mark by sewing different color thread in each clothes by room number. Weigh and fill-up the laundry list sheet (description, brand name, color, room number and quantity). Compute the amount and fix your signature. As usual, separate white from colored loathes and so on. After drying, press/iron the clothes like long sleeves, pants, uniforms and hang it using hangers then put it in a huge plastic bag.
Fold the other clothes and separate it according to their color type and room number. After lunch, we deliver the clothes inside the rooms or if DON sign, drop to the Front office. During my stay in Housekeeping Department, I maintained good personal and professional working relationship. I was able to be more considerate, cheerful, flexible, pleasant, polite, positive, punctual, willing to learn, a good listener, rusticity, stay calm during periods of increased activities, initiative, and I avoid gossip, maintain company’s standards and I work well even without supervision.
We also had stay and learn in the hotel last July 9 & 10, 2014. We were given 50 hours lesser to our duty hours. Mr.. Marvin, the Sales Supervisor discussed the rules and regulations of the hotel, functions, and other concerns that we need to know about the establishment. Front Office Department My last remaining weeks of my training was in Front Office. My duty time was from 1 0′ clock in the afternoon to 9 0′ clock in the evening. Indeed, it was very tiring every duty.
We’re not allowed to sit for a long time. But, I had so much memories and knowledge that I’d acquired. Specifically, how to answer telephone calls politely and to listen attentively, how to attend other requests by guests, and to check-in and check-out procedures were taught. It was a good experience for me being a Front Office Agent for a while. So far by God’s mercy and grace, I didn’t encountered any problems during my training whether inside or outside of the hotel and throughout my travel every day.

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