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Article Analysis/Research Topic Proposal Peer Review
Work in groups of three: two students should read and comment on your draft, while you read and comment on two students’ drafts, too.
Read the draft through without pausing to write comments or questions. After the first read-through, write a few comments on the back of the draft to answer the following:
· Now that you’ve read the draft through one time, can you reasonably summarize what the writer intends to research this quarter? Does the topic seem clear, relevant, and worth pursuing?
· Do you have any insights, questions, or comments on their topic?
Read the through the draft a second time, then write comments on the back of the draft to answer the following:
· In the article analysis section of the essay, are both the article author(s) and title clearly stated? Does the writer include MLA Style in-text citations and a work-cited entry? Are any additions or edits needed? If so, could you point out where?
· Is the writer identifying elements of rhetoric in the article (audience, purpose, rhetorical appeals, etc.)? Does the writer explain the uses of these rhetorical elements clearly and in sufficient detail?
· What in this draft stands out to you the most? Explain what you find to be the most positive or strong at this point and why.
· What in this draft seems to you to require more work or clarification? Explain what you find to be the most problematic or unclear at this point and why.
· Any other questions, comments, or suggestions for the writer at this point? 

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