Operations Management Cds

Not only new machines gave high radioactivity, it allowed production costs to be low and CDC targeted smaller molding companies. New large multi-cavity molding machines used I Small injection molding machines meant small variety of products could only be materiality of products can be made at short notice Variety of products can be made at short notice Although production becomes flexible, the drawback of this Is the complexity of changing moulds on large machines that leads to a prolonged process.
Trading Is stable and production process becomes more of routine work. I Variation is high as they have same contracts to take orders so they know what’s products was good and distribution channels were excellent. Distribution channels re good but cost has incurred in express delivery made by CDC instead of customer. Distribution channels are good but cost has incurred in express delivery made by CDC instead of customer.
I Having problems of getting use to sub-contracting and recognizing on what ‘standards of quality there should be in their products I According to the ‘Four Vs.’ analysis and Hayes and Wheelwright’s four stages of operational contribution (shown in appendix 1), CDC have moved from ‘stage 2’ that is Externally Neutral to ‘stage 3′ of being Internally supportive by implementing a new strategy from moving from focus products to concept products. CDC were already popular with focus products so their previous operations were giving a fair contribution to the organization.

The Volume’ in the four Vs.’ analysis has increased operational capabilities but to a certain extent as there still is a drawback of no planning in sale forecasts and production time wasted in changing moulds. Each area in the ‘Four Vs. analysis is what actually contributed in CDC to implement a new strategy. Operations taking place at CDC allow CDC to build upon their ‘stage 2’ strategy according to Hayes and Wheelwrights four stages (see appendix 1). Positive factors such as increase in productivity and wide variety of products leads to more outputs and results in increase in profit margins.
Without the operation strategic change their productivity would not be ‘600%’ higher. According to Hayes and Wheelwright CDC are trying to ‘implement’ the best practice they can find by keeping production costs to a minimal but also producing large volumes efficiently. CDC should to this extent stay on the ‘stage 3’ strategy as they have to be also wary of the external operations taking place such as the competitors in the market. There has o be an understanding with where the market is going and assess its operation performance objectives at a regular level internally and externally.

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