Organization 2

PART ONE:  The classic “12 Angry Men” (1957) is a wonderful example of holding onto an ethical principle even when completely in the minority. Please watch the movie in its entirety and think about the challenges of holding onto your ethical principles when in the minority. Watch for symptoms of GroupThink as well. 
The movie is approximately an hour and half long, so you may be able to watch it all at once or split it into a couple of sections. 
Please use the streaming video resource at: 
The cost is $3.99 for a month’s “rental” access online.
PART TWO: After reading the chapter section and the online article/mini lecture on Groupthink, use periodicals and other accounts of policy or decision making to investigate a major governmental or business decision that may have been the result of Groupthink. Post a link to the article online or attach it to your message. Try to use a different example than classmates who may have posted before you. In the body of your post, offer a summary of the decision-making process and the implications of the decision. Dialogue with your classmates about these decisions and the overall concept of Groupthink.

 Organizational Behavior: A Practical, Problem-Solving Approach 2e (loose-leaf) (Kinicki/Fugate) McGraw-Hill (2017) ISBN: 9781259732645      

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