organizational change

Change is part of the game. Leaders both set vision and navigate the, sometimes, murky waters ofchange. Effective leadership requires you to harness both the minds and hearts of employees to enablechange to occur and take root in the company’s culture.For this assignment, you will identify one change management need within your company or from acompany you previously worked for and plan a change initiative.Business Brief (2-3 pages)Identify a needed organizational change and utilize Kotter’s eight-stage framework. This should be writtenin a professional format (font size 10-12, one-inch margins double spaced, and use of headings andsubheadings). Remember to include a cover page that has all appropriate course, assignment, date, andname information.1. Provide a brief background of the company, industry, and culture.2. Identify the problem you want to address and why it is important.3. Describe your change initiative according to Kotter’s eight stage framework.• What is your change vision and why is it important?• How will you create a sense of urgency?• How will you create a guiding coalition?• How will you communicate the change vision?• How will you empower employee action?• How will you enable and create short-term wins?• How will you consolidate gains and produce more change?• How will you anchor the new approach in the company culture?Company: AT&TChange Inititative: “Using the power of our network to build a better tomorrow”A theme of collaboration is woven throughout our goals and targets.We’ve set our goals with this question in mind: how can we work withour customers, our employees, our suppliers and our communities toenhance the world we all share?

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