Organizational SWOT Analysis

Scholars of strategic HRM generally agree that organizations capable of achieving long-term goals do so because their organization has a plan, vision, or strategy. On a very basic level, the concept of strategy is a vision of what the organization wants to achieve and a statement of how it intends to get there. Successful organizations journey toward their strategy through the effective use and deployment of organizational resources, including HR.  The formulation of an organizational strategy is a process that involves defining objectives and conducting a detailed analysis of the external and internal environments and that considers strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Part of this process undoubtedly is self discovery, and it will become clear what distinctive capabilities exist. In addition, the analysis will determine whether there are sufficient and adequate human resources available to reach the organizational objectives. The reality of strategic HRM is that, due to uncertain organizational environments, strategies need to be flexible. If HR professionals accept the notion that the organization gains a competitive advantage by managing resources that are valuable, rare, and costly to imitate, then the practice of HRM is, in fact, one of the organization’s many strategic tools.   In this Assignment, you consider the strategy for the organization you selected in the Week 1 Assignment and focus on the HR implications. As you review your Learning Resources, think about important connections between the concept of strategic HRM and how you as an HR professional contribute to the process of strategy formulation.   For this week’s Assignment, in a 3- to 4-page paper:  •Describe what business(es) the organization is currently in, laying a foundation for the paper. •What are the organization’s main strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT), based on its current status? •In what business(es) do you anticipate the organization might collaborate with in the future if it were to expand, globalize, or enter another market?  •What recommendations would you offer for the organization as a result of your SWOT analysis for utilizing HR to align its practices with the organizational strategy?  Submit your Assignment by Day 7.

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