Workshop: Assignment #3: Problem Section

This thread is your opportunity to improve a problem section from your Assignment #3 draft. You can include as little as a single problem paragraph or an entire page that you have having difficulty with for the assignment [you should also include your thesis statement as well to give the peer reviewer a good idea of what you are trying to prove]. It is best to include the passage as an attachment in .docx format so your fellow classmates can use the “Track Changes” feature to make suggestions and potential improvements.
Evaluate another student’s problem section submission by focusing on the strengths of that passage and discuss ways that the section could be improved. Finally, talk about what element of the student’s writing could be used to make your own essay stronger (for example, what the student did well that you can improve in your own writing). Save your comments and suggested changes and then upload the document for the student to review.

Commenting Guidelines
When commenting on a fellow student’s submission, please use the “Track Changes” feature of Microsoft Word. For assistance with the “Track Changes” feature, please visit: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Track-changes-in-Word-197ba630-0f5f-4a8e-9a77-3712475e806a

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