PACES and the Toulmin method writing practice-5pages

Paper 3 looks at an article in context. Specifically, it looks at how different audiences can change the perceived meaning of a text. You will read “The Art of Branding a Condition,” and you will analyze its argument and effectiveness when looking at two different audiences. First, look at the argument as if it were to pharmaceutical companies. What is the author trying to convey to his audience? How well does he make his argument? You can use PACES or the Toulmin method. Secondly, look at the article as if its audience were the people that the pharmaceutical companies are selling products to. Does the argument change? If so, what is the new argument and how is it created through context? If not, why not? Is the new argument effective? You can use PACES or the Toulmin method.

The article needs a central argument, and then it needs to be divided into arguments, using PACES to analyze whether the argument supports the central argument. Each Sub-arguments needs to cite the specific sentences in the article for analysis, whether to support the general argument, and how to support the argument. (Need a very detailed analysis)

Once again, you can use either PACES or the Toulmin method, but if you use the Toulmin method, I will give you 10 points of extra credit.

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