Name of the company : Padini Holding Berhad 1. Picture 1 – Padini Outlet Padini Holding Berhad engage with one of the most profitable businesses activities which is investing in shopping mall and retail industry and brand outlet especially in garments and fashion accessories. Padini Holding Berhad already create their market share in domestic and international level and some of the brand under Padini Group is well known in fashion industry. Padini Holding Berhad put a label of various brand in its product and distributed to all outlet under its name locally and even in foreign market.
There is many brand under Padini Group such as Vincci, Seed, Padini Authentics, PDI, Padini, P & Co, Miki Kids, Miki Mom and also many multi – brands and some of the brand is already breach the foreign market such as Vincci/VNC, Seed and Padini Authentics. Picture 2 – Padini’s Product Padini Group usually involve in providing and production of management service, dealers of garments, ladie’s shoes, children garments, maternity wear, bags and fashion accessories. All of this product being marketed under popular brand. 2.
Brands-Foreign Only| Location| 2008| 2009| Vincci/VNC Franchise StoreDealer Stores| ASEANSaudi ArabiaUAE AustraliaOmanIndiaSyriaThailand| 15184-14-11| 19207-1-112| SEEDFranchise StoreDealer Stores| Saudi ArabiaThailand| 519| 721| Padini AithenticsFranchise Store| Saudi arabia| 5| 8| TOTAL| | 82| 96| Table 1 The tables above provide a snapshot of the Group’s retail network, broken down according to their brands and market in 2008 and 2009. Chart 1 Chart 1 represents the percentage of income from two different market which is the domestic market and foreign market.

For the financial year 2009, recorded Group’s domestic operations accounted for 89% or nearly RM 425. 4 million and the rest represent foreign market which is 11% and nearly RM 52. 5 million and both market contribute up to RM 477. 9 million. Exports for the year by the Group increase by some 31% or RM11. 9 million compared to 2008 and the total export value for year 2009 is up to RM50. 1 million. The entire positive outcome is due to strong marketing strategy such as: 1. The opening of new outlet 2. Improving existing outlet 3. Extension of management 4. Adapt with consumers culture
Picture 3 – internationalization By using the foreign or international model to represent their product, Padini Group manage to breach the foreign market and catch a market share among the foreign nation and 11% of income from abroad can be considered as a positive outcome. 3. One of the main reasons why Padini Group is being accepted in the foreign market because of their observations through research and development to produce products based on consumers demand. Consumers demand usually being influence by their culture and comprise of lifestyle, income, weather and geographic somehow.
For example for domestic market, Padini Group produce T-Shirt based on local normal size whereby not too large and maybe a bit smaller compared to the foreign size of T-Shirt that produce by Padini Group. Due to hot weather in Malaysia, the material also a dry-fit material whereby can absorb liquid and allow air to flow through the material and make user feel more comfortable. The sense of acquiring brand also influences a person to buy product from Padini Group due to highly known branded garments retailer.
By knowing that most of the consumers is from middle income category and their adapt by offering an affordable price for a branded products. (example; discounts) Picture 4 – Strategy to and adapt with local market Padini Group also done the similar approach to the foreign market by considering the size, lifestyle, weather, geographic and four season (summer, winter, autumn, spring) . Most of their foreign outlet is located in the Arabian nations which is highly known a hot weather country and in order to adapt with the local need and culture, Padini Group did produce product that make the Arabian consumers feel comfortable and stylish.

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