Pay and Benefits

In  this mini paper, you will each share information on a single topic  related to public sector personnel administration.  The information  should provide an analysis or evaluation of the topic (challenges and  solutions, effectiveness, efficiency, etc.).
You can each choose one of these topics: 

Motivating Employees
Wellness Programs
Pay and Benefits
Succession Planning
Employee Training
Whistleblower Protection

The guidelines for this “mini paper” are as follows: 

must  include a brief introduction, a brief synthesis with the  analysis/evaluation of the issues, and a brief concluding paragraph  (total of 300-400 words) followed by references
must include references in APA style
must focus on information for government agencies, not private businesses
must  include the textbook and at least three journal articles related to the  public sector (choose a variety of journals; journals related to the  public sector include Review of Public Personnel Administration, Public  Personnel Management, and International Journal of Public Sector  Management); you may have additional references
may include quality internet-based articles and not Wikipedia

Links related to using the library for research and using APA style referencing are in the Resources section for the course.

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