Penn Foster English Essay

I. Introduction 1. Albert Einstein said, “Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it. ” 2. Penn Foster is one route that helps motivated independent learners acquire the knowledge and certification they need. 3. Students’ lives may change due to the decision to further their education. 4. I plan to use the following method balance work, family, and Penn Foster. II. Step 1: Figure Out What Really Matters in Life 1. Spending introspective time thinking about my life is the first step to achieving a balanced life. 2. I use an exercise for figuring out what matters most,” Laura Berman Fortgang (a personal coach) tells WebMD. She has her clients take a couple days off from work to contemplate the following series of questions: 1. If my life could focus on one thing and one thing only, what would that be? 2. If I could add a second thing, what would that be? ” and so on. (WebMD) 3. After the list is compiled, then the plan is to departmentalize my life. 4. When I’m at home with the family, I will focus and concern myself with them. 5. However, when I’m working on Penn Foster, I will only be thinking about learning and completing assignments. . This will help me to spend quality time in the areas that are most important. III. Step 2: Figure Out “Musts” vs “Shoulds” 1. The next step will be to figure out the difference between “Musts” vs “Shoulds. ” 2. “We always manage to find time for those things that we decide we must do and its the things we think we should do that get left by the way side. ” (Caroline) 3. To do this, I need to take my list from Step 1 and decide which activities on the list must I do. 4. Then, I need to take activities that I would like to do and put them in the should category. 5.
While I do this, I need to be careful not to put too many commitments into the must column. 6. The reason is to not overwhelm myself and over commit my time. 7. Some of my musts will be family, work, and Penn Foster. 8. Right now, everything else in my life I consider a “should” until school is finished. IV. Step 3: Take Daily “Time-Outs” 1. The last step to ensure that I can balance my life is to take daily “time-outs. ” 2. “Take a nap, a walk, or a mini-meditation break with a few minutes of silence. Maintain daily rituals, such as teatime, meditation, prayer, exercise. ”(Womensnet) 3.
By doing this, I can adapt myself to my new hectic schedule. 4. I will be able to maintain my energy throughout the day. 5. Keeping daily “time-outs” will ensure that I keep my sanity and they will give me something to look forward to throughout the day. V. Conclusion 1. Maintaining a balance between work, life, and Penn Foster can be accomplished using these three steps. 2. The first step is to figure out what really matters in life. 3. Then, I will create a must and should list. 4. After that, I will ensure I take “time-outs” to give myself a routine to look forward to during my day. . By doing these three steps, I can balance it all. Works Cited “Easy Steps to Work-Life Balance | Grants For Women in Business | Loans and Credit for Women Business Owners | Grants For Small Business. ” Grants For Women in Business | Loans and Credit for Women Business Owners | Grants For Small Business. 24 Mar. 2009 . discover, you may. “5 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance. ” WebMD – Better information. Better health.. 24 Mar. 2009 . way, the, and I wouldn&. “How to Find the Right Work-Life Balance: 6 Steps | Caroline Middlebrook. ” Caroline Middlebrook. 24 Mar. 2009 .

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