Personal Mindset

The Topic :
Global Business Savvy:

Knowledge of global industry 
Knowledge of global competitive business and marketing strategies 
Knowledge of how to transact business and assess risks of doing business internationally 
Knowledge of supplier options in other parts of the world

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Personal Mindset
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The global team assignment is a presentation project that is based on a global mindset and is based on outside research.
Activity Instructions 
In Part 1, you are discussing one area of the Global Mindset that you feel you need to work on. This is a personal reflection.
First, describe the area of the Global Mindset. Discuss specific steps you can take to enhance the development of that area. Develop a personal plan to work on this area of the global mindset.
Writing Requirements (APA format) 3 – 5 pages
References Page (in addition to the textbook at least 2 on chapter 10, other scholarly resources)
Scholarly resources: Must be on this website of my University (
Last Name: alzahrani          Barcode Number: 000107075TUP
Grading and Assessment 
This activity will be graded based on your ability to explain the Global Mindset and to develop a personal development plan to enhance your own Global Mindset.
APA format (1 – 2 Points) both correct in- text and end reference 
Personal Example (1-10 Points) How and why your development of this area give reason, example, and more details about it. 
References (10 points each = 30 points)
Format – font, font size, page numbers, papers stapled (1-4 points)
Grammar, punctuation, spelling (1-5 points)
Specific Steps / timeline (1-9 points)

The E-book was attached. 

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