Perspectives in Cross Cultural Counseling. Multiple Questions

I am desperate to get a final paper done and I have no time to do it. It is actually late so I need to have it done by tomorrow evening around 9:00pm. It is a critical thinking paper asking questions from my own perspective and needs time put into it. I JUST NEED TO GET THIS PAPER DONE AND I WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR $$$$ FOR SOMEONE ON YOUR TEAM TO DO IT!!!!I will NEED an ENGLISH Speaking Writer, who has a a degree and working experience in Psychology and Counseling. Someone who understands the material. This is a Master’s degree paper for my “Perspectives in Cross Cultural Counseling” class. The following are the instructions for the paper:Below are the Instructions for the Paper and my notes in parenthesis ( ) . I only need the writer to do questions 2, 3, and 4. I will do the rest. The Writer will use the following Book questions 3 and 4: McGoldrick, M., Giordano, J. & Garcia-Preto, N. (2005). Ethnicity and family therapy, 3rd ed. New York: The Guilford Press. (ISBN 1593850204) The other book we used in class was: Sue, D.W., & Sue, D. (2012). Counseling the culturally diverse, 6th ed. New York: Wiley & Sons. (ISBN 0470086327)FINAL PAPER:2. Review the handout on Competencies for Cross Cultural Counselors fully. a. Discuss which competencies you feel you are well on the way to mastering even at this stage in your professional development. See in Red belowb. Which competencies do you still need to develop more fully? See in Red below Here is the Handout: The following information first appeared in 1992, when it was published simultaneouslyin ACA’s Journal of Counseling and Development and in the Journal of the Associationfor Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD). Since that time, themulticultural competencies outlined in the article have become an important part of thecounseling literature and a central aspect of all counselors’ work. For more information about multicultural counseling, we suggest that you make frequentvisits to AMCD’s web site that is located at In April 1991, the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD)approved a document outlining the need and rationale for a multicultural perspective incounseling. The work of the Professional Standards committee went much further inproposing 31 multicultural counseling competencies and strongly encouraged theAmerican Counseling Association (then known as the American Association forCounseling and Development (AACD)) and the counseling profession to adopt thesecompetencies in accreditation criteria. The hope was to have the competencies eventuallybecome a standard for curriculum reform and training of helping professionals. Cross-Cultural Competencies and ObjectivesI. Counselor Awareness of Own Cultural Values and Biases A. Attitudes and Beliefs- (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering.) 1. Culturally skilled counselors have moved from being culturally unaware to being aware and sensitive to their own cultural heritage and to valuing and respecting differences. (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering)2. Culturally skilled counselors are aware of how their own cultural backgrounds and experiences and attitudes, values, and biases influence psychological processes. (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering)3. Culturally skilled counselors are able to recognize the limits of their and expertise. (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering)4. Culturally skilled counselors are comfortable with differences that exist between themselves and clients in terms of race, ethnicity, culture, and beliefs. (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering) B. Knowledge (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering)1. Culturally skilled counselors have specific knowledge about their own racial and cultural heritage and how it personally and professionally affects their definitions of normality-abnormality and the process of counseling. (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering)2. Culturally skilled counselors possess knowledge and understanding about how oppression, racism, discrimination, and stereotyping affects them personally and in their work. This allows them to acknowledge their own racist attitudes, beliefs, and feelings. Although this standard applies to all groups, for White counselors it may mean that they understand how they may have directly or indirectly benefited from individual, institutional, and cultural racism (White identity development models). (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering)3. Culturally skilled counselors possess knowledge about their social impact on others. They are knowledgeable about communication style differences, how their style may clash or foster the counseling process with minority clients, and how to anticipate the impact it may have on others. (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering)C. Skills1. Culturally skilled counselors seek out educational, consultative, and training experience to improve their understanding and effectiveness in working with culturally different populations. (I need to develop and improve here. I need to educate myself further.)Being able to recognize the limits of their competencies, they (a) seek consultation, (b) seek further training or education, (c) refer out to more qualified individuals or resources, or (d) engage in a combination of these.2. Culturally skilled counselors are constantly seeking to understand themselves as racial and cultural beings and are actively seeking a nonracist identity. (Always staying mindful especially in this current political climate.) II. Counselor Awareness of Client As Worldview A. Attitudes and Beliefs1. Culturally skilled counselors are aware of their negative emotional reactions toward other racial and ethnic groups that may prove detrimental to their clients in counseling. They are willing to contrast their own beliefs and attitudes with those of their culturally different clients in a nonjudgmental fashion. (Always a work in progress)2. Culturally skilled counselors are aware of their stereotypes and preconceived notions that they may hold toward other racial and ethnic minority groups. (Always staying mindful especially in this current political climate. )B. Knowledge1. Culturally skilled counselors possess specific knowledge and information about the particular group they are working with. They are aware of the life experiences, cultural heritage, and historical background of their culturally different clients. This particular competency is strongly linked to the minority identity development models available in the literature. (Yes. I have been working in a State run Co-Orurring Mental Health/Addiction Impatiant Rehabilitation working with all races and demographics. I work with White racist patients; black and African American patients; Spanish and Latino; Muslim, Gay and Transgrender)2. Culturally skilled counselors understand how race, culture, ethnicity, and so forth may affect personality formation, vocational choices, manifestation of psychological disorders, help-seeking behavior, and the appropriateness or inappropriateness of counseling approaches. (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering)3. Culturally skilled counselors understand and have knowledge about sociopolitical influences that impinge upon the life of racial and ethnic minorities. Immigration issues, poverty, racism, stereotyping, and powerlessness all leave major scars that may influence the counseling process. (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering) (Yes. I have been working in a State run Co-Orurring Mental Health/Addiction Impatiant Rehabilitation working with all races and demographics. I work with White racist patients; black and African American patients; Spanish and Latino; Muslim, Gay and Transgrender)C. Skills1. Culturally skilled counselors should familiarize themselves with relevant research and the latest findings regarding mental health and mental disorders of various ethnic and racial groups. They should actively seek out educational experiences that foster their knowledge, understanding, and cross-cultural skills. (I need to grow in this area outside the counseling setting)2. Culturally skilled counselors become actively involved with minority individuals outside of the counseling setting (community events, social and political functions, celebrations, friendships, neighborhood groups, and so forth) so that their perspective of minorities is more than an academic or helping exercise. (I need to grow in this area outside the counseling setting)III. Culturally Appropriate Intervention StrategiesA. Attitudes and Beliefs1. Culturally skilled counselors respect clients’ religious and/or spiritual beliefs and values, including attributions and taboos, because they affect worldview, psychosocial functioning, andexpressions of distress. (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering. I work with Spanish speaking clients from South America completely different culture. I work with clients from Haiti and I have a Muslim client. I also have clients who are Athiest.)2. Culturally skilled counselors respect indigenous helping practice and respect minority community intrinsic help-giving networks. (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering.)3. Culturally skilled counselors value bilingualism and do not view another language as an impediment to counseling (monolingualism may be the culprit). (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering. I have a client who Spanish is his first language and has a hard time speaking English. Nor does he read or write English. We have grown to have a wonderful therapeutic relationship.) B. Knowledge1. Culturally skilled counselors have a clear and explicit knowledge and understanding of the generic characteristics of counseling and therapy (culture bound, class bound, and monolingual) and how they may clash with the cultural values of various minority groups.(Yes, Well on my way of Mastering. I understand counseling and therapy is looked down in many cultures and it has come up with my patients. I have Latin and Spanish clients who do not feel comfortable discussing their problems or emotions. Even my “proud” Irish American client from Boston has similar issues.)2. Culturally skilled counselors are aware of institutional barriers that prevent minorities from using mental health services. (Yes, same as above)3. Culturally skilled counselors have knowledge of the potential bias in assessment instruments and use procedures and interpret findings keeping in mind the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the clients.( I need to grow in this area outside the counseling setting)4. Culturally skilled counselors have knowledge of minority family structures, hierarchies, values, and beliefs. They are knowledgeable about the community characteristics and the resources in the community as well as the family. (Yes… but always a working progress and learning.)5. Culturally skilled counselors should be aware of relevant discriminatory practices at the social and community level that may be affecting the psychological welfare of the population beingserved. (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering.) C. Skills1. Culturally skilled counselors are able to engage in a variety of verbal and nonverbal helping responses. They are able to send and receive both verbal and non-verbal messages accurately and appropriately. They are not tied down to only one method or approach to helping but recognize that helping styles and approaches may be culture bound. When they sense that their helping style is limited and potentially inappropriate, they can anticipate and ameliorate its negative impact. (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering. I am doing this and gaining experience with my Spanish speaking clients from South America.)2. Culturally skilled counselors are able to exercise institutional intervention skills on behalf of their clients. They can help clients determine whether a problem stems from racism or bias in. (Yes, Well on my way of Mastering always learning and growing.)others (the concept of healthy paranoia) so that clients do not inappropriately personalize problems. (Working Progress. I have clients who are black who have a deep resentment towards the white residents. One has claimed being called racial slurs a number of times. I di have a white client who is open to me about how he is a racists and he is resentful towards BLM.)3. Culturally skilled counselors are not averse to seeking consultation with traditional healers and religious and spiritual leaders and practitioners in the treatment of culturally different clients when appropriate. (I am not averse to it, but haven’t used it before, so need to grow and explore this.)4. Culturally skilled counselors take responsibility for interacting in the language requested by the client and, if not feasible, make appropriate referral. A serious problem arises when the linguistic skills of a counselor do not match the language of the client. This being the case, counselors should (a) seek a translator with cultural knowledge and appropriate professional background and (b) refer to a knowledgeable and competent bilingual counselor. (Me not knowing Spanish has created a barrier in treatment with my Spanish speaking client. There are no other Spanish speaking counselors at my agency. However my client and I have made it work and have learned as we go. We have developed a strong therapeutic connection.)5. Culturally skilled counselors have training and expertise in the use of traditional assessment and testing instruments. They not only understand the technical aspects of the instruments but are also aware of the cultural limitations. This allows them to use test instruments for the welfare of the diverse clients. (Need to Develop)6. Culturally skilled counselors should attend to as well as work to eliminate biases, prejudices, and discriminatory practices. They should be cognizant of sociopolitical contexts in conducting evaluation and providing interventions and should develop sensitivity to issues of oppression, sexism, elitism, and racism. Well on my way of Mastering and always being mindful and sensitive. 7. Culturally skilled counselors take responsibility in educating their clients to the processes of psychological intervention, such as goals, expectations, legal rights, and the counselor’s orientation. (Yes! Well on my way of Mastering)3. Please review the chapter(s) in the Ethnicity book that best match your own. Discuss how accurate or inaccurate the information is when compared to your own experiences, giving some examples, please. Please use Book: McGoldrick, M., Giordano, J. & Garcia-Preto, N. (2005). Ethnicity and family therapy, 3rd ed. New York: The Guilford Press. (ISBN 1593850204)(I am White Irish Catholic, from a 100% Irish Family from East Greenwich, RI. I am the youngest of 4 kids with wonderful parents. My brother died the he was 26 and my dad 4 years later at 58. I was just 14 and 18. You can make this up based off of that. )4. Next, select any other ethnicity / chapter in the book – except the one that was the focus of your group presentation – and compare what’s said about that ethnicity with your own, again using some examples. Please explain why you chose this ethnicity chapter to read.Please use Book: McGoldrick, M., Giordano, J. & Garcia-Preto, N. (2005). Ethnicity and family therapy, 3rd ed. New York: The Guilford Press. (ISBN 1593850204)(You can choose any ethnicity you want. Remember I’m Irish American when comparing.) As with the first paper for this course, please number the questions so I’m clear on which one you’re answering. This is ONE paper, not five separate ones, so please make this one document. Please use correct APA format for your citations, double space using size 12 font, and please remember to get a good proofreader or help from the Writing Center; any paper with more than 4 typos on a page will be returned for revision.Please confirm if you can do this paper! I will need tomorrow not by 9:00pm. I WILL PAY TOP$$$$$$$!!!! I NEED ENGLISH ASA FIRST LANGUAGE AND SOMINE IN THE PSYCHOLOGY/COUNSELING FIELD WHO UNDERSTANDS THSI MATERIAL! I need to get it done and I have no time. Please let me now if you can do it otherwise I have to find a different company.

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Perspectives in Cross Cultural Counseling. Multiple Questions
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