Persuasive Critical Essay

Testing and driving has become a concern among the many. Across the nation, many accidents were reported to the authorities. The main suspect, Cell Phone! But is the Samsung Galaxy or the phone held responsible for these crashes? Teens, along with adults, have participated in this extreme action without pointing out the consequences. It Just takes a second of distraction to cause a fatal accident. Over the years, technology has Impacted humanity greatly. It has provided the world with faster information access and a swifter communication approach.
Computers and cellophanes have improved many of the communication skills within the military, politics, and many other essential key item throughout the world. Lately, It has spout up a new dilemma Involving the addictiveness of an Individual to some sort of electronic device, mostly cell phones. In 1977, the creation of the first Motorola cell phone was brought to light (Mainstream). Its single purpose was to hold a link with another similar device to conduct conversation wirelessly. Today cellular phones provides the user with addicting forms of entertainment Oinks).
Programs that are most commonly used within a cellophane are games (such as candy crush), internet access, and other tools that we find attractive to the eye. But on top of all these programs, text messaging has become superior as 72 percent of cellophane users have send and receive messages (“Because Testing and Driving Kills “). Messaging has provide a new way of communicating with member of society but when is a text too much? Drivers were given a privilege when granted their drinking’s license, under one circumstance through.

They ask for the driver to be responsible and careful on the road, to always obey the laws, and to defend your license since defending your license means protecting your life. Many of the drivers do as they were told but there is always an opportunity of a slip up. Causes could range from drunk driving to falling asleep but In today’s generation, phone addiction also contribute to the cause of many roadside accidents. They call this distracted driving since you are diverting your attention from the road to the suspects of your phone. An estimate, provided by
AAA-Foundation for Traffic Safety, informs that this sort of distraction contributes to 16% of all fatal crashes each year which adds to a total of 5000 victims (“Because Testing and Driving Kills On a research study, It states that the minimal amount of time that someone’s attention is taken of the road due to a cell phone intake would be of five seconds which spikes you possibility for a crash to 23%(Leap ). This is about driving are 6 times more likely to be involved in a crash than drivers that are intoxicated(“Because Testing and Driving Kills Eye opener, huh?
It should be. Cell phones have become useful devices for the masses, providing the world with an easier way to start a conversation with someone miles away or nations apart. Though offering great use, it could serve as a deadly weapon when handled while driving. Many cell phone companies such as AT&T have Joined in to stop testing and driving among cell phone device users. Commercials and other samples of well view propaganda have set out for a common goal in order to stop this madness, asking drivers to turn off such devices in order to avoid that distraction.

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