Please follow directions needs to be a detailed Outline. 2 Pages single spaced.

Topic of paper- Prison Reentry and Rehabilitation
I attached files of the instructions. Please Look at the Examples and use them as a guideline. I posted a previous assignment that can guide you, has the topic
and 5 major issues that are going to be covered. 

 You must submit a 2 page, single-spaced, detailed outline of your paper. The outline should include your introductory paragraph (and thesis statement), your overall opinion on the policy, the various headings of your paper, as well as bullet points indicating the key points/cases that will be discussed under each heading. At least five of the sources used in this assignment must come from peer-reviewed journals. You may use sources from the previous assignments. Parenthetical citation (in-text citation) is required throughout the outline.
The grade for this assignment will be based on completion of the assignment, preliminary assessment of research/effectiveness, thoughtfulness of the recommendations made, and the proper use and formatting of parenthetical citation 

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