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Using the attached “Assignment_2 Template,” complete STEEPLE and SWOT analyses for the same brand you researched in your Week 1 assignment, “Initial Company Research.” Draw conclusions and cite references. Again, you’ll do the STEEPLE first and use it to make your SWOT more insightful and thorough. Review all of the instructions and attachments carefully before you begin. As you research, do not run searches for completed STEEPLE and SWOT analyses, or any other acronym that explores environmental factors.

1. OPEN the attached document, “STEEPLE and SWOT Things to Look For.” Read  carefully.

2. PROVIDE one or more statements for each of the seven elements of the STEEPLE analysis (Sociological, Technological, Economic, Ecological, Political, Legal and Ethical). Imagine how these factors will influence your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It’s okay if you elaborate on one or two things you already researched for Assignment Week 1, “Initial Company Research”. Researched data often overlaps. For instance, you may note a Sociological factor that seems to be influencing your target market segments.

3. PROVIDE at least three statements in each of the four sections of the SWOT chart. Each statement should relate specifically to the topic of its section (a Threat should go in the “threat” section).

4. WRITE two to three paragraphs in the “Conclusions” section that draw conclusions from your findings above. This is the analysis part where you develop insights. Your analysis should include where your company stands now compared to its competitors and the industry as a whole, where it excels, and where it can improve. What appears to be the most important need, problem or opportunity right now? In Assignment 4, you will make recommendations based on your conclusions here.

References: Cite your sources. Use APA short form after each STEEPLE observation on the template, and list them in long form in the references section at the end.  ***Remember: neither Wiki sites nor personal blogs are considered credible sources for academic/professional research. If you visit Wikipedia, you must click through to the original source in the linked footnotes. The same goes for completed (SWOT, STEEPLE, etc.) analyses you find online. If you find one, you must visit the sources it provides and create your own analysis with them. If there are no sources with the completed analysis, you may not consider it. Finally, you may not use other students’ analyses you find online. 

***Style: Use APA format and formal business writing style. Avoid informal language (“Sales went through the roof and the president freaked out.”). Avoid first person (“I”, “we”, and “you”). Spell out abbreviations at first use (MLB, RPG, EDM). Keep it research-based and free from personal opinion.

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Please make sure you read the instruction carefully and I have posted my week 1 assignment for you to go off of. Thank You

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