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Please see instructionsModule 5 Thematic Synthesis Essay Planning WorksheetDirectionsBefore starting the thematic synthesis essay, complete the planning worksheet and submit it to your instructor according to her/his instructions.  Please see the student model essay within the module for help as well as the module’s instructions for how to write the essay since you are examining two readings for this essay. 1. Your introduction should include both the titles and authors’ names of the pieces you will analyze. Write or type this information.“School of Hate” by Sabrina Rubin Erderly. “Atonement” by Dexter Filkins2. Write or type a shared theme that you identified for the selected pieces. If you are writing about contrasting themes, write or type both pieces’ themes.Shared theme deals with fear being a powerful emotion that can restrict/limit people from certain actions, despite their morals, when they experience it.3. Write or type your working thesis statement.In “School of Hate” by Sabrina Rubin and “Atonement” by Dexter Filkins, it’s characters seem to have emotions of fear. Both of these essays effectively convey the theme of fear’s power over an individual’s actions/behavior, despite their morals, with use of nonfiction elements of setting, style, and point of view.4. Write or type the name of the organization method you plan to use (block format or point-by-point).Point-by-Point5. Provide a brief outline, similar to the block or point-by-point examples provided in the textbook, that gives an overview of the essays and elements you plan to analyze in your paper.IntroductionBody paragraphsPoint of View(point 1)“School of Hate”“Atonement”Setting (point 2)“School of Hate”“Atonement”Style (point 3)“School of Hate”“Atonement”

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Please see instructions
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