Poetry Influence Argumentative Paper

Between poetry, drama or fiction, I will choose poetry. Since I was young I find poetry as part of my environment. It transports me to a place full of imagination and allows me to vision the kind of world that the poet wanted me to see. Poetry possesses something that is unique from fiction and drama. The lyrical aspect of poems makes me understand more about the message of the poet. My favorite poet is Robert Frost who wrote A Road Not Taken. From this poem, I was able to figure out the scene and what he wanted to express in his poem.

Being unique on one’s path and the decisions that we make in life gives us a sense of identity. Frost makes poems that really stand outs both in its contents and meanings. Just like the quality of the poem that is easier to understand rather than fiction and drama. There are short poems but depicts longer meaning. On the other hand there are longer stories of fiction and dramas that are really hard to grasp or have no sense at all. Poetry is indeed a magnificent type of literature that catches the liking of both young and old.

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