Proposition Number six in California: what did it say? How was it decided? Rights from working in public schools in California. It was not passed due to the support of Harvey Milk, Pres. Carter, and other gay activists who argued for that act. 4. Why did Dan White resign?
Why wasn’t he allowed back? Dan White resigned because the salary he was receiving was not enough to support his family. Also found politics to be corrupt and unethical. He was not allowed back because of his arguments with Harvey Milk and other politicians. 5. How do you feel about the public response to Milk’s and Anemone’s murder? I believe the protestors had every right to gather in silence and try to accept what had happened to such great politicians. I completely agree with that one old women that was interviewed on the street that said “l am a very old women, and I do not want to be around when Dan comes out.
I feel as though the protestors were so full of anger with the murders that the violent acts were almost inevitable. I feel as though they did need a way to grieve, but burning police cars took it a little too far, and people got hurt. 6. What happened in the trial of Dan White? Dan White said that he was not planning on killing anyone that day, although he had a gun in his pocket, extra bullets, and went through the window into the building. He also used the “Twinkle Defense” that he had consumed so much Junk food causing him to do such horrible things. He was sentenced for 5 years in prison for man slaughter.

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