power point Presentation

Select a diagnostic test from the assigned reading for subject of your power point presentation.  You may choose a test that is not assigned.  However, you must submit such a choice for approval by the course instructor.
2.        Locate and submit a minimum of one peer reviewed journal article from a professional nursing journal related to the selected diagnostic test. (Journal articles must be within 5 years)
3.        Create a one paragraph (5-8 sentences) summary of the article to be submitted with the power point.
5.        The following information must be included in the PowerPoint under the appropriate headings:
           a. Importance of the selected test
b. Discussion of Normal and Abnormal results (i.e.: what do normal/abnormal results mean?  What factors affect the results?)
           c. Patient Care/teaching before, during and after the test
           d. Nursing diagnoses pertinent to the patient for the selected test (label only)
e. Any follow up tests that may be required (ie serial troponins for R/O MI)
f. Inclusion of ethical issues related to the testing if present is required.

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