powerpoint final

Project Guidelines:
FIRST: Choose two widely known individuals from the list below (or you may choose your own).
Choose images of the two individuals to include in your project.
Here is where you get CREATIVE! As in you make up the following or research the following if it is available on the Google machine.
NEXT: Individually, create a personality profile for each party. You can look it up if they are a real person, or make it up.
· What is their personality type in the 16 Personalities? Why? 
· What is their Hogwarts House? Why?
· What is their Love Language? Why?
· What is their zodiac sign? (Optional, make up a birthday if you want to include)
· What is their birth order? (Optional, make it up if you want to)
· What is their gender expression?
· What is their cultural expression?
· Self-concept?
· Self-esteem?
· Self-discrepancy?
· Social comparison?
· How do they present themselves based on these filters and why?
· At least 2 life experiences that have changed the way they look at the world
· What is their typical listening style?
Choose their relationship to each other.
· How did they meet?
· How long have they known each other?
· How well do they get along?
Choose your relationship to them. (For simplicity sake, you will have the same relationship to both parties)
· How long have you known each of them?
· Any nature of your relationship that contributes to the communication?
Choose the conflict that they are currently explaining to you.
· What happened according to each of them?
· How are they communicating the conflict to you?
· What nonverbals are happening towards you? What nonverbals are happening between the two of them?
Now, as the Interpersonal Communication scholar that you are now, how can you help them resolve the conflict?
Study the personalities and layers that you have created for them. Take into account the relationship you choose for yourself as well. How often would  

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