Presentation on IT Security Policy or idea

 Please do read the whole question. I just need Presentation with the following details. I need around 10 slides. Need Citations and references slide as per APA


In a very brief and easy to understand format, create a presentation that can be used to instruct individuals and groups on how to use IT Security Policy Framework to help with the alignment of IT security in your organization.
For each policy or idea, create a single slide that cites the full title of the policy, providing a brief description of the policy and its content in 4-5 bullet points.
To gain interest, utilize graphics and a colorful slide set theme, but ensure that the presentation is easy to read and understand, is professional in appearance, and is visually pleasing and balanced (consistent fonts and font sizes).

The format of the presentation should follow the following professional guidelines:
Title slide

Introduction and/or Agenda slide
A single slide for each law
Conclusion slide
Reference slide

Use current APA format for your citations and Reference slide. 
Note: Designing your presentation using the notes area is useful for recording and organizing your thoughts as you develop your slides. Making notes for yourself is a good practice and helps you stay focused with accurate information, especially if you are delivering your presentation.

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