Presentation: Researching a Major Field of Study

At the end of the quarter, you will make a brief (5-7 minutes) presentation to the class about aparticular major or field which you have researched. The major or field you choose should be one that fits in with the assessments and discussion completed throughout the quarter. No PowerPoint is needed, but you can use that format if you wish. A rubric will be provided. You must cover the following topics in your presentation:1)    Identify a major;2)    Briefly describe your personal journey to the major; including incorporating assessment information and material from class;3)    Introduce your major to a lay community (e.g. a community that may not be familiar with that field);4)    Share large trends in the field (Ex. Direction the field is moving, current priorities in the field);5)    Discuss key concepts related to the major or field (Ex. Sub-specialties within the field, areas/topics that contribute specifically to the field);6)    Review the skills and/or training required for the major;7)    Share related jobs or careers that one can pursue with that major. Resources that may be helpful toyou in your research include: O*Net, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Yahoo! Industry News. 

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