Project – Assignment 2

Project Assignment 2
Continue to use the same companies for each student chosen in the Project Assignment 1. Refer to the Collaborative Learning Community Project Overview in the Course Materials for further information.
Items for Analysis:
Criteria for Requirement 2, Part 2 Submission 
C. Review your company’s investments on the balance sheet. Explain the details of the investments based on the amounts and disclosures found in the financial statements. What information does the investment section, along with applicable notes to the financial statements, provide to the user? How does each company comply with the rules as provided in the FASB Codification?

Project Requirements
Prepare a comparative paper using the companies your team members analyzed. Refer to CLC Project Assignment 1 if you need to review the assignment criteria and expectations. The second portion of the assignment submission should include:

Body of the paper consisting of a comparative analysis of Item C or D for each company as well as an application of the FASB Codification to “prove” the items are reported properly by your project companies. The discussion for each company should be approximately 250 words.

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