Project Media

Part 4: Project Media
With the outline you created last week, create media for your project using the below resources to guide you. Use this resource to help you think about how to best address your audience: 

Writing for an Audience

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Project Media
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Resources to help you with the presentation:

Sample PPT with Notes
Twelve Tips for Creating Effective Presentations
Website for help with designing a PPT
Introduction to SmartArt Graphics
Convert Slide Text to a SmartArt Graphic

This week your primary focus should be on the PowerPoint  (or similar tool) itself. Next week you will submit a full draft of your presentation, which will include your audio narration. 
Due Date for Part 4: This submission is due during Week 5, with the final day of submission being the Sunday November 25th at 11:30pm ET.


Simpler is Better in Presentation Slides

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