Project Report

1 Building Application: No restrictions on the technology you can use any technology that meets the requirements)
2 SQA Plan (SQA_Plan_Template_Long)
3 Requirement specification (SQA requirement template)
4 Software design document (Software Design Document)
5 Implementation plan (Implementation_plan_template)
The Documentation should contain the following:
• Project schedule document
• Requirements Specification Documents
• Software Design Document
• System Implementation Plan
• SQA Plan
• Risk Management
• Testing documents Unit testing, black box testing usability testing performance testing
• SQA Test Case Report
• Calculate Halstead’s volume calculation
• Zipped source code
what to submit ?
1. Zip the code (project) into a single file named surname(s)_CWK2_code.
2. Prepare a README file containing the name (or names) of the students and their specific contributions, and any specific instructions for installation/configuration/ that are needed for your website, and for technical documentation.
3. A Power Point presentation containing a summary of the work and snapshots of the developed website 

Please find attached templates 

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