Proofread and Grammar check (Up to 500 words) Due today

I just need someone to proofread and grammar check my Skills GAP reflection that I drafted. It has to rewrite up to 500 words. 

I have attached two documents. One has assignment instructions along with Skills GAP goals that I took at beginning of class. Skills goals that I had to work on throughout this semester.
The second attached document is my draft reflection that I want one to proof read and grammar check it, and to be condensed to up 500 words. Kindly, i need it today.

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Proofread and Grammar check (Up to 500 words) Due today
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Thank you,

PS: Course description (for your info)
n MBA 630, you will continue to enhance your skills as a manager by focusing on the legal environment of business and the opportunities and risks managers encounter when operating in a global market. You will analyze issues related to contracts, employment law, and potential civil and criminal liability, and you will make recommendations on the best legal and organization structure for a new business enterprise. You will expand your ability to apply ethical decision-making models. You will enhance your team leadership skills in a project focusing on global management. In that project, your team will evaluate political, legal, and cultural forces that impact multinational businesses, and you will enhance your country cultural competence and evaluate opportunities and risks when operating in a global market.
Project 1: Introduction to the Legal Environment of Business (3 Weeks)
Project 2: Making Decisions That Are Legal and Ethical (2 Weeks)
Project 3: Leading Ethically and Legally at Home and Abroad (2 Weeks)
Project 4: Structuring a New Business Venture (1 Week)
Project 5: Managing a Global Business (2 Weeks)

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