Assignment:   Request for Proposal (RFP)
Description:  An RFP is a formal request for information from potential vendors/suppliers in a buying/purchasing situation.  The RFP outlines the buying process, customer requirements, vendor/supplier evaluation criterion and budget of the customer issuing the RFP.
Purpose:  The purpose of the assignment is to familiarize the student with the creation, distribution and analysis of a Request for Proposal (RFP).  This document is also a critical element of the roleplay process between the PSLS 3440 (Sales) and PSLS 3080 (Purchasing) classes.
Draft: Students will submit a draft of their RFP to the instructor for feedback.  This provides an assurance that the sales student depending on the document receives a document that is consistent with class standard and allow the sales student to perform to their fullest potential.  The draft gives the purchasing student an opportunity to perform to their fullest potential by receiving feedback from their instructor before submitting the final copy of the RFP.
Final RFP:  This is the student’s final copy of the RFP email to the sales student immediately after the Information Gathering Role Play
Grading Criteria:
Incorporate Class Business Case
Incorporates / Creates elements in the RFP that make the students RFP Unique.  Does not just copy the class business case.
Provides Elements and ideas discussed in class, from the course text and the minimum required in these instructions.
Email of RFP to the sales student is a short thank you and includes instructions regarding the completion and submission of the RFP back to the purchasing student.
Spelling and grammar.
Done in Microsoft Word.
Submitted to the Instructor as required.
Submitted to the sales student as required.

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