PSYC305 U4db Key Assignment Draft

APA Format, No grammar errors, No plagiarism Be on time. 

This week we are going to talk about the implementation of entrepreneurial ideas.  One of the issues that we address previously is that the culture of many organizations tends to not welcome intrapreneurial ideas and change.   We are going to talk about ways that we can overcome those tendencies. 

 One of the approaches that we will talk about is Kirton’s adaptation-innovation theory which is a few decades old but does a good job of expressing why some people accept change and others do not. 

The discussion thread this week is a little different than the past weeks.  The requirement is to create an outline of your final paper.  
**One of the confusing things is what is considered an outline.  The more you have done, the better the feedback is going to be.  If all you have is a list of bullet points that you want to cover than that is fine as well, but it will be harder to provide relevant feedback on less information. 

WORDS: 500

Key Assignment Draft(Outline): 

Write a paper of 500 words that responds to the following:

*Discuss how Web 2.0 and social media have altered the way in which entrepreneurial and small businesses do the following: 

-Engage their existing customers
-Attract new customers
-Listen to employee and customer feedback
-Respond to crises 

*Provide current examples.
*Apply Kirton’s adaptation-innovation theory to discuss how a newer entrepreneurial venture might differ from a more mature, intrapreneurial venture in its approach to social media.


I have attached a fellow classmates paper to show an example of what this outline should look like.

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