Compose a criticism addressing as many of the following areas as they apply:

Find evidence (quotes or paraphrases) that are not clearly and directly connected to the thesis of the section; skip the Scientific for these critiques.
Find paragraph that begins with a source or evidence, missing a topic sentence, or paragraphs ending with evidence, missing analysis and a conclusion; offer a suggestion for a topic sentence or an analysis-conclusion.
Find paragraphs that have more than 3 or 4 pieces of evidence, and offer suggestions for how to split that paragraph.
Offer suggestions for improvement on sections that are not clearly explained or smoothly worded.
Find claims that are not adequately supported, and offer suggestions on how to strengthen it.
Find sections where the grammar or punctuation seems inappropriate.
Examine the solution in the Ethical Section; is the problem and the proposed solution clear, why or why not?  If unclear, offer ways to improve clarity.
Also, in the solution proposed in the Ethical Section, is there an examination of the possible or probable impacts of that solution?  If not, offer suggestions as to what those impacts may be.

Examine the author’s APA style citations, and point out any errors you may have noticed with the in-text citations.
Check the Assignment direction under Assignments>Final Cumulative Paper.  Make sure the essay covers all the assignment guidelines.
Make sure the font, spacing, indentations, headings, margins, page numbers, etc, are consistent, even in the reference page.

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