Reading methods

English 1001 requires you to take additional classes including English 105 and 106, personally I do not like this method of classes but I do enjoy my 105 class out of all of them, because of this I am always given tons of reading material! In my 1001 class I recently read an article called “O. K. Glass” by Gary Shteyngart which is an article about the glasses developed by Google that can take pictures, record video, enable video chat with another person over Skype, and many other functions.
When I was reading this article about 2 weeks ago it became extremely confusing to figure out ho was talking either the author or the person he was interviewing. I used this article to write a critical examination essay, examining the aspects of the article and deciding whether I agreed with the author or not. The Reading was about how the author was able to get ahold of a pair Google Glass and he was invited by Google to attend their Google Basecamp, which was to teach him about the functions of Google Glass and all the possibilities using these glasses could produce.
Shteyngart went around interviewing people on what they thought of Glass and also conducted his wn tests on it as a part of this article. For this reading I chose KWL+, personally I feel this strategy works the best for me it helps me remember what I read and shows me what I already knew. Some of the questions I came up with for this reading were why did Google not make the glasses compatible with Apple products, I realize they are competitors but more than 70% of the population that would buy Google Glass has an Apple IPhone.

The reason you want the glasses to be compatible is because when they are synced the glasses they will show your phone screen through the lasses and you are also able to have a phone call without holding your phone. I also wondered about the quality of the camera on the glasses, considering the glasses are fairly small I wondered if it was as good as an IPhone camera. What I did learn from using KWL+ was that the audio recording on the glasses sounds like you are underwater when you talk, definitely something Google needs to work on.
Also this accessory will only appeal to those willing to pay a hefty price tag of $1 500 for this pair of tech glasses. Even with the price tag in consideration almost everyone thinks hey are awesome: “that is so dope’ says a college studentm (O. K. Glass). I believe Google Glass definitely has a place in todays society of ever advancing technology, 10 years ago something like this would be unheard of as well as way over the price tag of $1500.
If Google is able to work out the kinks with the compatibility with Apple products I think the glasses will sell even better, and also working out the issues with the voice recognition. Shteyngart’s article was relatively unbiased, it really did a great job of focusing on what the people thought of the glasses and what didn’t work and hat worked straight forward and no deceptive statistics were in the article. One thing that helps Google Glass is that it is the first of its kind, nothing like this is available anywhere else.
The glasses are scheduled to be released in 2014 so we will have to wait and see if Google is able to work out the kinks with its product. I plan to research the Glasses when the first real reviews come out in 2014 because I am excited to see if they are really worth buying. I will definitely use the KWL+ strategy again because it works the best for me and helps me retain information doesn’t work well I will use ole faithful, KWL+.

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