Real World Connection

Real World Connector In the chapter Church, I felt a connection with Kiowa. “Not a minister,” he said, “but I do like churches. The way it feels inside. It feels good when you just sit there, like you’re in a forest and everything’s really quiet, except there’s still this sound you can’t hear”. The way I relate to this part is the same way I feel when I go to a temple (similar to a church) I feel the same way. When I go to the temple I sit there and listen to the prayer. But when I get into the prayer, everything goes quiet.
I get this really good feeling inside myself. All my fears are taken over by peace. I think that’s why Kiowa says this is “just wrong” to be inside a holly place. One thing I didn’t understand the monks cleaning the solider weapons. Was there so representative of this. I know in my temple the minister is not allowed to touch weapons. Overall, a temple or a church are both religious place, but are both peaceful places. We are supposed to feel save in a place or worship. Henry Dobbin tells us about how he liked the whole idea of being a minister. “I was a kid.
The thing is, I believed in God and all that, but it wasn’t the religious part that interested me. Just being nice to people, that’s all. Being decent”. The teaching of any church or temple are the same. God tells us to be good humans, and give back to the community. I agree and disagree with Henry Dobbins. I agree with him to the part about being a nice person. I disagree with the part when he says “it wasn’t the religious part that interested me”. The reason I disagree with this is because reglion should about be an interest not only the lessons of God. Maybe I misunderstand what Henry Dobbin was saying.

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Real World Connection
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