Recommended Action Plan

This is the final component of your course project. You are tasked with the development of an action plan designed to enhance the service delivery and program management of your organization through the next decade.
Using your Unit 7 assignment, select what you believe to be the best practices designed to enable your organization to thrive through the next decade. Design a presentation that includes the following:

The challenges currently facing your selected organizations.
An evaluation of the power and influence of the organization to change society.
The impact of technology and innovation on the ability to accomplish the mission, vision, and values of the organization.
The top opportunities for enhancing the service delivery and program management of the organization.
An implementation plan that incorporates the following:     

Goals you wish to accomplish.
The steps you plan to take to achieve those goals, including the best practices of innovative leaders and organizations.
A means of evaluating achievements based on goals.
A means by which your organization will amend the plan based upon results of implementation and measurements.

It is up to your group to determine the type of presentation you will design; the only constraint is that it must be able to be reviewed by your instructor and your peers. Present the information in a concise, balanced, and logically organized way, citing appropriate supporting evidence, validation, and examples.

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