Reflection Paper on Interview about Religious Orientation

Please answer the following questions:

  Were you exposed to religion growing up? Explain. 
 Do you identify as religious or spiritual or both or neither now? In what ways (beliefs, practices, etc.)? 
 Why? What are some factors that led you to your current orientation to religion?
 What do you value about it?
 What is a stereotype that impacts you? 
 Is there anything else you want to share about your religious/spiritual/philosophical beliefs or practices?

Then type a two-page paper reflecting on this interview that does the following:

. Your name and today’s date, when and where for interview, your relation to the person interviewed (coach, friend, etc. — no names)
. Their answers to each of the 6 questions (in 1-3 sentences)
. Your reaction (2 paragraphs):

o Did anything your interviewee said confirm your prior understanding of them or the religion/spirituality/philosophy     they follow? Did anything surprise you? 
o Connect what your interviewee said to something we have learned in class. 
o What did you personally appreciate about what your interviewee said? OR: Relate your interviewee’s orientation to religion to your own.

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