Reparations Assignment

Chapters 2 and 3 of the textbook The Family: Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change, Author Philip N. Cohen, 2nd Edition provides an overview of the histories and plights of minority groups in U.S. society. Using the information that you learned from the text and in-class discussions, and incorporating the other knowledge you possess regarding the legacy of oppression in this country, write a 2 page paper (double spaced, 12-point font) making a case for or against government funded reparations for one of these groups specifically, or minority groups as a whole.***Note- I do feel the federal government should compensate the descendants of former slaves to atone for the country’s legacy of slavery, in the form of reparations, however I’m unsure what form reparations should take. It is extremely complex and complicated. The federal government needs to explore the legacy of slavery on Black Americans and how African Americans are still suffering debilitating economic, educational, and health hardships because of it. This is especially apparent when you look at the high incarceration rate of Black Americans as well as the striking racial wealth gap in the U.S. Median wealth for white families is $188,200, compared to $24,100 for Black families, according to the Federal Reserve’s 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances. Unfortunately I just don’t have time to do this paper, but please write it from this perspective. Thanks!

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Reparations Assignment
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