Research Assignment

Research Assignment Requirements
Topic(s)  – Choose 1
•         Research the Cardiovascular System.  Identify and discuss the most common disorders/diseases of the cardiovascular system and including all treatments available. 
.     Research the history of Pharmacology and compare the apothecary method vs. the current methods of dispensing medications.  Describe the different forms of medications and if a prescription is required for that medication. Discuss the different routes for administering medications.
Research Parameters May Include
.        Overview of Topic
.        Identify and discuss various options or methods
.        Follow-up care, if needed
.        If required, the Medical Assistants Responsibility or Role
Research Paper Research Paper Requirements
Following the APA format guidelines as found in the Online Learning Resource Center, develop a four (4) page research paper on the required topic.  The 4 page paper should be formatted in the following manner:
1 – Title Page
2 – Pages (minimum) of text, exhibits and/or diagrams. Subject headings should be included.
1 – Page of references
Font Requirements
Times New Roman 12 or Arial 10 only, points will be deducted for any other font.  Doubled-space paragraphs.
A minimum of 4 references “outside” of your textbook must be utilized and accounted for in your paper and presentation.  Do NOT copy information from your text.  Your references should come from the Online Library (LIRN) search engines such as Proquest and InfoTrac.  Please review the Online Learning Resource Center, which has been developed and equipped with a librarian and several tutorials to guide you through the process.  Please do not limit yourself to GOOGLE, Wikipedia or YAHOO search engines.  While helpful, they are not scholarly sites and the information found may not be accurate.
Submission Requirements
Drafts of your entire presentation are due at the end of the third week of class, in this case,by midnight Sunday.  Please adhere to this deadline, there are many draft submissions to review and return to each student and we want to provide everyone with timely feedback.
Your final submission of the assignment is due by midnight Sunday.  Don’t be late – no extensions will be granted for this assignment.
Helpful Hints
•         Take the opportunity to review the Online Resource Center and its resources in developing your research skills and assignments. 
•         Ask questions of your faculty member and librarian.
•         Feel free to submit drafts early and often for continuous review. Late submissions, however, will not be graded.  They will be accepted and provided with feedback – but not graded.
•         Pay attention to format requirements.
•         Pay attention to the assignments grading rubric.
•         Do not procrastinate.
Pay strict attention to deadlines.  Late assignments (drafts and final submissions) will be graded as a “zero.
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