research paper

I have written the draft. use this draft to develop a final research paper. 

After receiving feedback from the Smarthinking tutor and your professor, revise the draft. Revision takes time and effort, but it separates poor writers from great ones. Do not begin to revise as soon as you finish your first draft. Take a break and wait for valuable feedback. Yet do not wait until the last minute, either. Read the paper through at least twice. Focus on the overall concepts first, and save the minute errors for last. Read through the paper out loud slowly one sentence at a time to help find grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Check to make sure the paper is written using APA style. 
Organize your paper as follows:
·  Title page with running head
·  Introduction including thesis statement. 
·  Body
— Reason #1 with evidence
—  Reason #2 with evidence
—Reason #3 with evidence
—Opposing view
—-Reason for opposing view with evidence
— Rebuttal
·  Conclusion
·  References
·  The paper should be 6 pages (excluding title page and references).
·  The paper should be typed with double-spacing throughout, including the list of references. Do not put extra space between paragraphs. Denote new paragraphs with indentation.
·  The paper should be supported by a minimum of six in-text citations from four sources, two of which must be scholarly sources. Non-scholarly sources must be of high quality, such as some .gov and .edu web sites. Wikipedia may not be used as a non-scholarly source. 
·  The in-text citations and list of references must be formatted using APA style. 
·  The list of references should be in alphabetical order with double spacing, just like the body of the paper, and formatted with hanging indent.
·  Follow the formatting and tone of the Walmart paper in the Syllabus/Documents area.
·  Avoid writing in the first or second person, which are too informal. Instead, write in the formal, objective third person. 
·  Attach both parts of the feedback received from the Smarthinking tutor (submitted to the Essay Center) as part of your submission.
The extended nature of this project teaches students proper academic research and writing skills. Therefore, papers will be judged on grammar, punctuation, proper citations, clarity, and mechanics as well as on the merits of the submitted research. A grading rubric is provided in the Syllabus/Document area.
American Psychological Association (APA) Style:
APA style must be used for all stages of the Research Paper. Resources regarding how to use APA style are located within the course and in the required Pocket Style Manual. In addition, there are two sample APA-style papers in the Syllabus/Documents area in Blackboard.
APA Style Salient Points: 
1.  All ideas that are not your original thoughts must have in-text citations giving credit to the author and, with the exception of personal communication, a reference list entry. 
2.  Keep verbatim quotes to a minimum. Instead, paraphrase whenever possible. Paraphrasing demonstrates understanding and assessment of information and strengthens an argument.
3.  Quoting matters:
a.  Do not begin or end a paragraph with a direct quotation. Remember, you are the writer and you are making a point. Quotes merely support the point(s) that you are making.
b.  Avoid “dropped quotes.” Introduce all quotes.
c.  Block indent quotes that are 40 words or more (should be used minimally).
4.  Evidence should come from quality sources such as peer-reviewed journals, books, or scholarly websites (Wikipedia is not permitted) or government or education web sites.
5.  Follow writing guidelines using APA (6th Edition) format.

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